Woofing Waters Dog Park

Woofing Waters has all the usual features of a large dog park, with separate fully fenced areas for different sized dogs and a dog wash area. But it’s a unique dog park because it has some fun features not available at other parks. For instance, is has a snack bar where you can buy treats for your dog. There’s water features like sprinklers and water jets for your dog to play in and cool off while they play. Entry to Woofing Waters is $5, but you can get an annual pass for $25. Dogs must be registered to obtain a pass. Contact the park for more information.

Want to take your dog out on the lake in a boat? You can rent one and spend some time paddling around with your pup! You won’t find that at many dog parks!

The Rules:

• Dog handlers must stay within sight of their dogs at all times.
• Owners of aggressive dogs will be asked to remove their dogs from the park.
• All dogs must have license and proof of current rabies vaccinations.
• If your dog is annoying or provoking others, it is time to leave the off-leash dog area.
• For their own safety and health, puppies under 4 months of age are not permitted
• Cleaning up after your dog is your responsibility.
• We reserve the right to set a time limit for your visit if attendance is at peak capacity. Please limit use to one hour
• There is a limit of three dogs per adult handler.
• Children must be supervised at all times by an adult.
• Dog handlers are solely responsible for their dogs.
• Dog handlers must have within reach one leash for each dog
• No dogs in heat are permitted.
• Stop dogs from digging and fill in any holes.
• Food of any kind is prohibited
• No spiked or pronged dog collars are permitted.
• Respect patrons’ requests regarding their dogs.
• No animals other than dogs are permitted.
• Dogs must be on leashes when entering and exiting the off-leash area.
• Trained service dogs are welcome
• Unleash your dog upon entry into the dog park. A leashed dog may feel threatened by other dogs moving freely.
• All dog bites and injuries must be reported to park office before you leave the park. Call 954-357-5100.
• Dog pools and community water bowls are prohibited
• The Broward County Commission supports and encourages spaying and neutering your animal.

Safety tip: When several dogs pack together, it can lead to trouble. Please separate your dog from the pack to a neutral area. It is important that handlers stay aware but let the dogs have fun and relax.

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