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Splash Adventure Water Park

Splash Adventure Water Park is a popular destination for the younger water lovers at Quiet Waters Park. Splash Adventure offers a wide range of child-friendly fun, safe water attractions and family-friendly activities.

Families with young children will appreciate the park’s dedicated children’s play area. This area is equipped with splash pads, water fountains, and mini slides, providing endless entertainment for little ones. It is a safe and interactive space where kids can have fun and cool off in a secure environment. The play area is in the center of a large wading pool, which is only 1 foot deep at its deepest.

There are ample lounging areas with chairs and umbrellas for guests to relax. Additionally, the park has food concessions where visitors can grab a bite to eat or enjoy refreshing beverages throughout the day. Although there are lifeguards are always on duty, children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age.

children's pool

Splash Adventure Water Park operates during the summer season from 10am to 5:20pm and offers a fun-filled escape from the south Florida heat. The park maintains a high standard of safety, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their day worry-free. With its diverse range of water attractions, family-friendly environment, and beautiful location within Quiet Waters Park, Splash Adventure Water Park is a must-visit destination for water enthusiasts and families in Deerfield Beach.


“Funbrellas” are big blue umbrellas in and around the Splash Adventure area. There are eight of these Funbrellas available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no picnic tables or grills located underneath the open-use Funbrellas.

Four rental-only Funbrellas, referred to as the Sea Horse, Stingray, Turtle, and Dolphin Funbrellas, are inside the Splash Adventure facility. Each of those features four picnic tables and nearby trash receptacles. To rent these Funbrellas must purchase all-day bracelets for all party guests and also pay a rental fee for the Funbrella. (See rates below.)

In addition, there are three more rental-only Funbrellas located just outside Splash Adventure, called the E, F, and G Funbrellas. Each of these features four picnic tables, two trash receptacles, and a large charcoal grill. Patrons renting these Funbrellas may also purchase Splash Adventure session bracelets in advance by contacting the office.

Funbrella Rental Fees:
Weekday fee for all-day rental: $35 plus tax
Weekend/Holiday fee for all-day rental: $75 plus tax

open use poolside funbrella
reserved funbrella
reserved poolside funbrella

Admission Fees
$6 per person for daily admission
$4.40 per person after 3pm
Children under 1 year of age are admitted free.

Seasonal passes called a Find It All cards are available from Broward County. For more information, contact the park office at 954-357-5100.

Rules and Regulations
Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age at all times. Children 5 years and younger must be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times while in the water park.
Proper swimming attire is required – no jean shorts, cutoffs, or plastic or metal accessories on clothing allowed.
Diaper-changing is permitted in restrooms only. Waterproof diapers are required.
Patrons with wounds, open sores, and skin infections will be excluded from water activities.
Instructions from park staff and lifeguards must be followed.
U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vests are allowed and are available free upon request.
Patrons must shower before entering any water areas.
Participation in water activities is at patron’s own risk.

Prohibited Activities/Items
No zippers on swim attire
Climbing or swinging on pipes, handrails, or ropes
Sliding headfirst on slides – feet first only
Running or “dangerous behavior,” including throwing objects such as Frisbees, footballs, etc.
Floats or water toys and equipment, including masks, fins, or snorkels
Food or drink in water areas
Pizza from outside the facility
Alcoholic beverages
Glass containers
Animals or pets
Chewing gum
Tables (unless a Funbrella has been reserved)
Umbrellas, pop-up tents, shade structures
Sterno warmers or grills
Amplified music including stereos, boom boxes, speakers, etc.

Coolers are now permitted in the aquatics area. However, no glass containers and no alcoholic beverages are permitted. For more information, contact the park office at 954-357-5100.