Mountain Bike Trails

Quiet Waters Park is home to a series of nearly two dozen mountain bike trails varying in degree of difficulty. These trails are very well maintained and are regularly being improved and modified. With over 7 miles of bike trails, there’s something for everyone from beginner to expert. Get a detailed look at each of the trails and their difficulties at TrailForks. There are bike wash stations and a work area available for quick repairs.

If it’s your first time, you’ll need to stop by the office to view the safety video and sign a waiver. After that you’ll get a pass that give you use of the bike trails at both Quiet Waters Park and Markham Park. The park rules are as follows:

Ride the trails at your own risk.
Helmets are required! Full-face helmets, pads, and gloves are recommended,
Always ride under control and choose trails well within your ability level.

Trail Levels are denoted as follows:

  • Green Circle = Novice Trail
  • Blue Square = Intermediate
  • Black Diamond = Expert
  • Double Red Diamond = Pro/ Expert

Obey all posted trail and caution signs.
Riding outside of marked trails is prohibited.
Mountain bikes only – Hybrids, nonspecific mountain bikes, bike trailers, and child seats are not allowed on trails
Trails are for bike riding only- no pedestrians, pets, horses, motorized bikes, or ATVs are permitted.
Slower riders must yield to faster riders when asked.
Faster riders must ask slower riders for the right of way.
No alteration of any trail or terrain is permitted.
Illegal entry or use of trails outside of park or facility operating hours is trespassing and strictly prohibited. Violations will be reported to the local police.
Trailhead gates are locked at sunset. All riders must exit prior to sunset or they will be locked inside.
Notify park management if you observe any injuries, unsafe situations, or conditions needing attention.
In the event of a storm, all riders must exit trails when Lightning Prediction warning horns sound: do not ride until the all-clear signal (three short blasts) is heard.
No littering. If you pack it in, pack it out.

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